The Guide

How to get started

The API offers the Volkswagen product data catalog, and resources to configure a car in an iterative manner.

Before you start, please be aware of the structure, this API is using:

  • Markets: e.g. Germany
  • Brands: e.g. Volkswagen
  • Models: e.g. the Golf
  • Types: e.g. Golf Trendline 1.0 TSI 63 kW 5-Gang
  • Options: e.g. App-Connect and "Volkswagen Media Control"

In order to maintain an adequate service level of OKAPI, the API endpoints incorporate a throttling mechanism that will limit the requests by an application to a reasonable amount per minute. More Information can be found at Throttling of requests in OKAPI

Request client credentials

If you want to get access to the OKAPI, please send us an email:

Within the next days you receive an email with your client credentials in detail your client_id and your client_secret.

Request an Access token

Requests to OKAPI are authenticated by an access token in their header. To understand how to obtain a access token please refer to Authorising your OKAPI requests.

Utilise the resources

The API offers a selection of catalog and operation endpoints. The catalog endpoints provide static data containing the product data. The operation endpoints provide the ability to configure a car.