The Guide

Throttling of requests in OKAPI

In order to maintain an adequate service level of OKAPI, the API endpoints incorporate a throttling mechanism that will limit the requests by an application to a reasonable amount per minute.

To give you transparency about the remaining requests you are allowed to issue, we will send the throttling information in the following response headers of every request:

header description
Ratelimit-Limit The total amount of requests allowed
Ratelimit-Remaining The remaining amount of requests
Ratelimit-Reset The remaining time until the Ratelimit-Limit will be reset in seconds
X-Ratelimit-Limit-Minute* The total amount of requests allowed in the time frame*
X-Ratelimit-Remaining-Minute* The remaining time until the X-Ratelimit-Limit will be reset in minutes*

*Also works for seconds, hours, days, months and years too. More than one time limit can be set, then the header contains all available rate limits.